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The Dave Herche Cincinnati Athletic Club is more than your typical gym or fitness center. The CAC is the nation's oldest continuously running athletic club, founded in 1853.  CAC has held memberships of 4 US presidents along with numerous high ranking city officials and local executives.

In addition to our amazing fitness and wellness options, CAC offers co-working space, networking opportunities and social events for members that you won't find anywhere else in downtown Cincinnati. CAC is a community of men, where friendships and business connections are cultivated.




In the summer of 1853, a group of men from Barrett's Gymnasium formed the Young Men's Gymnastic Association which later came to be known as The Dave Herche Cincinnati Athletic Club.

The club's current location was built in 1903 and was cited by numerous newspapers as being a gymnasium "without peer".

The CAC was the center of fitness and athletic competition in the Midwest with opponents including Purdue, Ohio State, and the University of Louisville in boating, cycling, boxing, swimming, shot put, weightlifting, wrestling, track and field, basketball, and football.

Along with its prestige in athletics, the club has boasted membership including four presidents (Garfield, Harrison, Hayes, and Taft), William Procter, Barney Kroger, Jeffrey Lazarus, and David Leibman among notable others.

In 2023, after a member vote, the CAC was renamed The Dave Herche Cincinnati Athletic Club in appreciation of Mr. Herche's generosity over the years and commitment to continued financial support.



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CAC offers a wide variety of fitness services and club amenities that include:  workout room, basketball court, 3 lane lap pool, group training, indoor track, boxing room, golf hitting room, 2 racquetball courts, heavy lifting room and crossfit room.

CAC offers several wellness amenities that include:  steam room, sauna, BlueCube cold plunge, Swedish shower, hot tub and warming room.

Members have access to free yoga classes at the attached Annex Yoga Studio. In addition, CAC has an on-call masseuse, shoe shine service and individual personal training available.

Each member receives a locker and daily laundry service.

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